What is Lot Club?

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Lot Club is a private community for select entertainment professionals. 

Official industry information about past work will be displayed on user’s profiles and is customizable with social and personal website links, ice breakers, and a regularly updated “Next Up” section where members can showcase their current goals and needs so that others can get in touch to help, or give applause to show support.

These “Next Up” items help members focus on actionable, current goals that the community can engage with to connect with the right people and more easily find work.

Once approved, members can connect with fellow creatives and professionals, engage with posts and curated news from within the community, as well as respond to current, relevant professional opportunities.


Does Lot Club Cost?

Lot Club is free to join and interact with the community.


How Can I Join?

Potential members can visit the website to apply at https://thelotclub.com

Applications are reviewed by hand as the Lot Club team verifies the legitimacy of each potential member and their proven experience in the entertainment industry.



Lot Club is located in the media and entertainment district of Silicon Beach in Santa Monica, California, and can be contacted at
424-346-8055 or press@thelotclub.com 

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